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Formerly known as an interior design studio, F2D & Associates converted into a creative space to focus on product design and collaboration initiatives.

Founded in 2008 by Frank Chen, F2D has provided interior design and project management services to small and multinational corporations.

The studio started from a small team of 2 growing to a team of 7 team members in the 3rd year, delivering their expertise to diverse nature of projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok and Manila.
In 2012, F2D turned a new page. Frank decided to integrate interior design and real estate under - KELVIN & FRANK REID with his business partner Kelvin Chiang. Frank then decided to pursue one of his dreams and passion by exploring product design collaboration with his first company F2D.

F2D’s approach is to explore furniture and product design as well as realizing collaboration with a broad spectrum of people based in Singapore and overseas.

The objective is to organize exhibitions, installations and events to showcase fresh product designs, the fruits of the collaboration of passionate people.

F2D philosophy is based on PASSION with a big design appetite.

GIVING NEW LIFE TO ABANDONED OBJECTS is the first product exhibition organized by F2D and its curator, Frank Chen.

This exhibition is the pure result of three passionate people having the same vision, working and collaborating together to give a new life to abandoned objects.

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Collaborating with people, sharing diverse visions and expertise to generate fresh ideas – is what F2D new visage is all about.

If you are a product designer, interior designer, photographer, artisan, fashion designer, architect, or simply a passionate person, we would be delighted to hear your story and explore any potential future collaboration.

If you are thirsty for design and hungry to connect the dots, please don’t have a second thought to contact us. We are always looking for new collaborators to join our next exhibition and upcoming projects.

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